War photograph and war photographer essay

These reoccurring themes create a depressing tone, making the reader sympathetic but only for a short time. Kate Daniels poem is told through the voice of an American citizen looking in a magazine at a war photograph.

The photographer is seeking acceptance from the war victims so that he himself can justify what he is doing. It covers the Earth, meaning that if flesh is grass then flesh must be covering the Earth under his feet. This tells us straight War photograph and war photographer essay that he wanted to be alone, he must want to get away from something.

As war photographer is written by a woman, the poem is more sympathetic. This is intertextuality as it refers to something known, Duffy tries to bring alive the thought of war which makes it more tangible and easier to relate to.

The children had no involvement in the starting of the war yet they must live out the inferno of war. This causes us to feel pity as the photographer has become mentally scarred undergoing this entire trauma to capture these photographs when the public back home are left unaffected by them in the long term.

Duffy uses techniques like metaphors, symbolism and imagery. This line emphasises these themes of death and the effects of war, as it suggests that the photographer is deeply distressed as it highlights the inner battle he encounters when developing the photos. Kate Daniels tries to get the message across to us that no matter how far away from the war you are, there is always some way you will get attached.

She has a passion for the war and feels that we do not think about the suffering enough. The photographer begins in the second stanza to reflect on the horrific things he has witnessed in the warzone — this continues the serious and sombre mood of the poem.

Also, the fact that children are mentioned makes us feel compassionate as children are associated with innocence.

We know that no matter how far we are away from the war, it will always have an effect on us, whether or not it is temporary or permanent. Kate Daniels makes us look past the picture. Rhetorical questions also make us think more and reflect on what we have done.

Tone is a very important factor in the process of making us feel pity for the photographer. She describes this well as the poem about the effect a photograph has on a woman, the woman being herself.

War Photographer – Sample Essay MAREs

We seem not human. He says it shortly, with no description of what effect that had on him, or any distress it may have caused. I found the poem interesting and captivating. She judges the photographer as both a priest and a journalist. The poem is about the emotional struggles that the war photographer faces daily in his job.

We realise that there is lots of destruction and fire around, it makes us imagine that the sky is orange with fire. The poet makes use of word choice, imagery and structure to initially create the mood and then to show the various things the photographer reflects on: A strangers features faintly start to twist before his eyes.

We feel pity towards him as after everything he has been through doing his job, no-one back home truly cares or is effected in the long term by the photographs whereas the photographer is stuck with these memories for the rest of their life.

She is far away and we feel helpless. Grass is usually so fresh, clean and full of life, yet it juxtaposes with the rotting, bloody flesh that surrounds him. The main themes in this poem are death and the effects of war as they appear in every stanza. In both poems, the authors get their opinions across through their character, which gives a more honest opinion.

Posted on January 29, Leave a comment Choose a poem in which the creation of mood or atmosphere is an important feature.War Photograph" contains a great deal more emotion and is more focussed directly on the images of distress whereas "War Photographer" is looking at the reaction of the photographer to the same events, through his own eyes and this is what makes it have less impact on the reader.

Published: Tue, 02 Jan War photography has existed since the nineteenth century, when Roger Fenton set out to photograph the Crimean war in From the beginning of war photography questions have always been raised about their representation of.

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‘War Photography’ Carol Ann Duffy

Jan 29,  · War Photographer – Sample Essay MAREs Posted on January 29, | Leave a comment Choose a poem in which the creation of mood or atmosphere is an important feature. This essay is going to compare the war poems 'war photographer', 'Love letters of the dead: commando intelligence briefing', 'I was only nineteen' and.

War photographer and war photograph

War Photographer Commentary Carol Ann Duffy’s poem ‘War Photographer’ published inexplores the two contrasting worlds in which a war photographer lives in: the warzones of Belfast, Beirut and Phnom Penh and his calm home town in Rural England.

This poem was based on Duffy’s numerous conservations with Don McCullin, an.

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War photograph and war photographer essay
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