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Information Management and Mining for the Finance Sector In the financial sector, investment decisions are typically based on detailed information about sectors, markets and companies.

Woywode you can contact one of our assistant supervisors research assistants in your area of interest to discuss your master thesis research endeavor. Each master thesis must include a CD or DVD containing the thesis, the data used, and all algorithms, computer programs or routines used to create and evaluate the data e.

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We expect solid programming skills in Java and knowledge in information retrieval or text analytics as well as a basic understanding of Semantic Web Technologies. Christian Bartelt bartelt at es.

We expect solid programming skills in JAVA, knowledge in probability theory and statistics as well as basic knowledge of formal logic. The last page of your thesis has to contain a signed declaration of authorship.

We want to develop technologies that use this data as well as explicit process models to improve process performance and support users involved in the process.

At all times, there is zero tolerance for unethical conduct, plagiarism and fraud. Any main text page excluding appendixes above the page limit will not be read or graded!

Candidates will either adapt and apply data analysis methods to real world processes or develop case studies in process optimization and guidance. We expect basic programming skills and knowledge in business process management and corresponding modelling languages.

On the technical side, topics of interest include the generation of process models from log data process miningthe validation and comparison of process models as well as the prediction of process behavior.

In order to support investment decisions, this information has to be found, integrated, managed and analyzed.

Once registered, the title of your thesis cannot be changed anymore. Please find the exact wording in the examination regulations of the Mannheim Master in Management: Your proposal has to develop the research question, theoretical foundation, expected contribution and outcomes, and research method of your master thesis.

Candidates will typically investigate the state of the art in logical and probabilistic methods for decision theory, implement or adapt an existing method and apply it to a given decision problem.

Woywode your assistant supervisor will coordinate all necessary steps with youyou can formally register your thesis via our secretary Mrs.

Find more information on how to write a good research proposal and examples here. This allows students to learn from each other and provide feedback to others, even when they are not presenting their own work. Decision Theory has been developed as a formal framework for supporting such decision by quantifying uncertainty and risks and providing methods for computing expected benefits of decisions.The main shortcoming of CNNs used for text classification is that they, like most neural models, require a large number of annotated instances (i.e., training examples).

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UNIVERSITY OF MANNHEIM BUSINESS SCHOOL · CHAIR OF SERVICE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT · billsimas.comIA SCHÖN Master Thesis Proposal Revenue Management with Limited Demand Information Airline revenue management is concerned with identifying the maximum revenue seat allocation poli.

Writing a Masterthesis. Attend our lectures to find out about relevant topics for a master thesis; Interested Students should contact Professor Stuckenschmidt (heiner(at)billsimas.com) or Dr. Christian Bartelt (bartelt(at)billsimas.com) for further Information. Note that according to §12(4) of the Examination Regulations of the Mannheim Master in Management (MMM) of the University of Mannheim, you cannot register for a master thesis unless you have passed the research seminar MAN successfully (or any other comparable Research Seminar at the University of Mannheim when writing a Master Thesis Inside the Venture in our MCEI accelerator.

A research proposal serves several purposes: It gives an overview of the relevance and objective of a research project.

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- It gives an overview of the content, the procedure and the timing of a research project. Honours level, the thesis is one part of the overall degree, at the Master or other Doctoral level it can be one part of the degree in conjunction with coursework or the whole degree, and at the PhD level, the thesis constitutes the sole requirements of the degree.

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Uni mannheim master thesis proposal example
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