The survival of the donner party essay

His "new" route, the now infamous Hastings Cutoff, ran south of the Great Salt Lake, The established California trail west ran to the north of the lake. Brisbois sent and the additional sources it led to have allowed me to piece together the following: The weather was already cold and there were heavy clouds over the mountains Sierra to the west.

It was on one of these journeys in late December that the first act of cannibalism took place. Breen to just put a little meat in his mouth so he could just know it was there and he could die easy and in peace.

I crosses miles north of the original, s emigrant crossing point. That ensuing bonanza eclipsed the horrors — and lessons — of the Donner Party. The party had lost three to four weeks of time on the shortcut. Their fate was still a tragedy, but nothing that would stop or even slow the onward progress of American empire.

The Donner Party missed making its Sierra crossing by about two days. Hastings had never actually traveled over his shortcut at the time of his book.

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Eight oxen were required to pull it, and some historians say it slowed the Reed-Donner group from the normal miles-a-day pace of the main wagon train. At any rate, Lewis Amiss Spitzer passed the information on to his relatives back in Rockingham County, who also repeated it, for Moses Augustus Spitzer has been identified as a Donner Party member in some local histories.

Hopefully more information will come to light and solve the mystery. On December 2,Thomas Amiss wrote a letter to his brother-in-law, Charles Spitzer, adding in a marginal note, "Moses Spitzer left this place in February and I do not know where he went.

Butler on January 3,in Warren Co. Moses Augustus Spitzer Some time ago, however, a new candidate brought to my attention when I received e-mail from Nick Brisbois. Most Americans know the outline of the story but less of the details. Except for the Donner Party, essentially all the emigrants of had made it safely through to California.

She was a friend of Mrs.

Fresh look at Manifest Destiny and horrific fate of Donner Party

SagaciousPhil - Chat It was not until many years later that they discovered or thought they discovered what had become of him. The mysterious Pearl Adair Pearson who attended the Donner centennial init turns out, was a granddaughter of Lewis Amiss Spitzer and a great-grandniece of Moses Augustus Spitzer.

The group took its name from the family who led the wagon train of 87 migrants from Illinois to the edge of the Sierra Nevada until by snowy October they could go no further.

In Charles married Elizabeth F. The survivors settled in California, some achieving their dreams of success and some becoming recluses, but the memory of that winter never disappeared. I made the following changes: Sign Up Thank you for signing up!

He left instructions for any other emigrants to "follow along behind. Of the plus men, women, and children in the Donner Party, over half survived and eventually completed the last miles of their 2,mile journey to central California. The sentence mixes tenses for a start.Donner party Artifacts: It was the 28th page of Patrick Breen's diary.

The diary noted "Mrs. Murphy said here yesterday that she thought she would commence on Milton and eat him. Apr 09,  · Although the identification of this Augustus Spitzer with the Donner Party member isn’t definite, the story is very plausible, and I was pleased to learn of a possible identity for one of the Donner Party’s more obscure members.

“The Best Land Under Heaven’’ takes a fresh look at the ill-fated Donner Party as emblematic of the more shadowy aspects of Manifest Destiny.

The Donner Party Tried a Shortcut

The stroy of the Donner Party who traveled across the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevada without heed to the weather.

They were trapped in the mountains during winter and that caused them to starve. Talk:Donner Party Jump to navigation Jump to that the three primary factors to survival in the Donner Party were age, sex, and the size of each person's family group? Current status I am not an editor of wikis but I have been researching the Donner Party and should mention here that there is no archaeological evidence of Cannibalism at.

The Donner Party was a group of California-bound American settlers caught up in the western expansion of the s.

The Donner Party

After becoming snowbound in the Sierra Nevada during the winter ofa number of the trapped settlers joined together in a final effort to reach California and organize a rescue party.

The survival of the donner party essay
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