The problem of brain drain essay

Measures taken to persuade our scientific and technical man power to return have not yielded results.

Short Paragraph on Brain Drain and Its Causes

For when Hiuen Tsang came to India or Shilbhadra visited Tibet, staying there for many years, their absence from their own countries did not make much difference. It is also the grievance of some of them that they do not have adequate facilities and a congenial environment for work or research in this country.

Such exchanges benefited the countries in those days and built a bridge of understanding and amity when communication between even the neighbours was not easy.

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Hundred of talents emigrated to the U. At present, countries like India, Pakistan and Russia are the sufferers of this problem and losing their talent very rapidly. This accounted in the main for the flight or defection or let us says migration of talent from the underdeveloped countries to these advanced nations.

The brains that go out of India are by now such a substantial number that they form a huge community in themselves, called the Non-Resident Indians.

At an international level, the nations which gain these brains should promise to send equivalent talent to the nations losing their human resources.

The brain drain may be causing concern to us as, the best of our Indian brains go out of the country, however, there is not only a black cloud of missing out on our best, there is also a silver lining to the drain.

They also complain or lack of job satisfaction due to the near absence of innovative research. Naturally, such an education has no market in their native countries, and quite obviously, they cannot be accommodated there.

Essay on Brain Drain

Many students leave their native nations for scientific and technological courses which are not offered by their own country and settle out in the country of study owing to better career opportunities, lucrative remunerations, security of life and health all of which lack in their country of birth.

This problem cannot be solved without the co-operation of the people. In the under-developed countries like India, the ambitious and highly educated people found it very difficult to climb the peak, for the obstacles were many and the bureaucratic bungling was irritating.

We have been experiencing this problem ever since we won out freedom. Moreover, in advanced countries, one can earn while learning. A frugal Indian living in a foreign country can even save something and send it home.

Governments need to show commitment to support research while allowing them to carry on their experiments freely with much independence.

India is endowed with vast natural resources like oil, gas, coal, iron ore, gypsum, diamonds, uranium etc. India loses around 3 percent of her skilled workforce including teachers, doctors, engineers, scientists etc. Apparently, nearly 35 per cent of the engineering graduates from the IITs go abroad as soon as they get their degrees.

It caught the headlines when Dr. India, too, has been facing this problem and it is discussed from time to time in a rather casual and cursory manner. The great scholars of China and Persia and other scholars from the West visited India during her prosperous days in the past and wrote memoirs which are precious materials for Indian history.

But India needs these professionally trained people, so they should be persuaded to stay in India and be content with less lucrative jobs. There are many Indian experts who are loyal and are serving the country by contributing their talent for the advancement of science and technology.

When, after completing higher studies, people do not get any employment in India, they start looking forward to advance countries for jobs. On the other hand, our brains are also happy to go out because they get a congenial working atmosphere out there.

The only difference we see today is that now the talented and educated persons migrate of their own accord, attracted by the glitter and glamour of better emoluments and amenities.

The areas of bio-technology, micro-electronics etc. Several thousand engineering graduates are waiting for employment.

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It is they duty and responsibility of those privileged few to take them out of the morass, instead of jointing the mad rush for careerism. If these individuals are offered better education opportunities in native countries, the emigration can be controlled at a preliminary level.Home» 10th Class» Essay on “Brain Drain” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Free sample essay on The Problem of Brain Drain in India. India has spent a great amount of her income and wealth in creating scientific, technological and educational infrastructure.

India has spent a great amount of her income and wealth in creating scientific, technological and educational infrastructure. Short Paragraph on Brain Drain and Its Causes Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On February 17, By Nikhil Mehta Brain Drain: Brain Drain refers to the immigration of scientists, engineers, doctors and other technically qualified persons usually from an underdeveloped and undeveloped country to a more advanced or developed country.

Essay on brain drain problem in india to write in anthem book essay scrapbook paper typewriter keys will someone do my homework. In belgium, denmark, the netherlands, in de morgen, maart watkins, k., the central government, delivered through the already mentioned before.

However, the problem of 'Brain-drain' is not peculiar to the present age of ours. It existed even in Medieval times when great conquerors carried away not only hoards of gold and rich treasures from the vanquished countries, but they also took away men of talent and genius as a matter of right.

The problem of Brain-drain, in our age, has become very elusive. The developing countries like India are desperately in need of talents, especially in the field of science and technology but for one reason or the other the talents and fleeing their countries, leaving their native lands impoverished in the process.

The problem of brain drain essay
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