The philosophy of visual disability essay

We do not normally publish papers longer than 12, words long including footnotes. In addition, funds are often not available to provide the specialized books, materials and technology required by students.

How should disability affect how we understand agency in general, or free agency? Clearly, the lack of vision significantly affects learning. First, authors do not know the identity of the referees, second, referees do not know the identity of the authors, and third, editors do not know the identity of the authors.

Students with visual impairments are limited in acquiring information through incidental learning since they are often unaware of subtle activities in their environment. Vision is fundamental to the learning process and is the primary basis upon which most traditional education strategies are based.

Access involves much more than providing ramps. Educational needs that are specific to these students must be addressed throughout their school experience. The people in The Miracle worker were effected by the fact that they always had to be tiptoeing around Helen and making all these special allowances for her.

She came up with this herself. In order for professionals, peers, or parents to assist a student who is visually impaired, they must have a realistic picture of what the student can do and of those situations in which help is really needed.

What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander! The intrinsic existence of, particularly, a visual sensory entity — the eye — a biological decoder that actively deciphers the dimensional chromatic information world into a systematic dimensionless information world visible to the mind — which is the elemental medium of sight — the pro-informative faculty, act or instance of the spontaneous ocular capturing of the extrinsic dimensional and chromatic configuration of the objective world; wielded by the hypostatically inherent, integral virtual vision framework of cognitively coordinated, integrated dimensionless configurations of the very same dimensional and chromatic objective world — that is, the sense of sight; emphatically substantiates, implicitly, the authenticity of the afore-professed hypothesis: In order to accomplish these goals, however, students with visual impairments require specific interventions and modifications of their educational programs.

Because students are expected to learn the core curriculum and meet graduation requirements, it is very difficult to provide these additional specialized skills when the student is fully included, particularly in a time when specialized support services have been reduced because of funding cuts and teacher shortages.

The relationship of access and inclusion may not be obvious to individuals who are not familiar with the educational and social impact of a vision loss. In the book The Miracle Worker, Helen is treated like "little queen muck. The appropriate placement for each individual student is determined by educational goals and objectives, based on assessment, that are identified in the IEP, and is thus the most desirable and least restrictive for the student at that time.


Does disability affect capacitarian or essentialist views of human nature? The more intensive and unique needs associated with visual impairment must also be addressed in educating students who are visually impaired and have one or more additional disabilities, including specialized health care needs.

How should we think about the testimony of disabled persons concerning whether they would prefer to be disabled or non-disabled?

Educating Students With Visual Impairments for Inclusion in Society

There must be a full range of program options and support services so that the Individualized Education Program IEP team can select the most appropriate placement in the least restrictive environment for each individual student with a visual impairment. Yet, hitherto, we still fail, warped within the obscurity of the absurdity of this twilit ground, to realise that: The Pinebrook Report American Foundation for the Blind, provided the first written definition of local school service delivery systems for students with visual impairments.

The educational needs of students with visual impairments will vary, depending on the age and development of the student. I will talk about how the people around the one impaired were effected, how the person impaired was treated, and how they overcame their disability.

This document also contains papers which provide additional information supporting each of these position statements and a list of selected readings on inclusion for students with visual impairments.May 01,  · Philosophy This essay will identify philosophy and explain the nature of theoretical enquiries with exceptional focus on how the theoretical questions vary from questions of a scientific or realistic nature.

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The Philosophy of Visual Disability

A Paper On The Inclusion Of Students With Visual Impairments. Executive Summary "Inclusion," "full inclusion" and "inclusive education" are terms which recently have been narrowly defined by some (primarily educators of students with severe disabilities) to espouse the philosophy that ALL students with disabilities, regardless of the nature or the severity of their disability.

Regardless of disability, gifted students need to have their special abilities nurtured and the opportunity to succeed. Eventually, this philosophy that I have presented and supported is not only a philosophy of education for disabled students, but also a philosophy of education for students with special gifts.

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The philosophy of visual disability essay
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