The cleansing of israel in the book of zechariah the bible

I remember years ago, one of my daughters was told by her mother to put on a green dress. The first eight verses speak of the reclamation of the coastal plain for Israel. Major Divisions of Zechariah The book of Zechariah falls into two major segments.

Messianic Previews in the Book of Zechariah

Now a servant does something. Then I said to them, "If it seems right to you, give me my wages; but if not, keep them.

Joshua the High Priest

He has given him the garments of glory and beauty. And, oh Father, if it should please Thee we pray that Thou wilt give each one in this auditorium a burden and a passion to proclaim our Lord Jesus Christ, to cooperate with Thee in the great plans which Thou hast for men, the mission of our Lord Jesus.

Who is going to make it possible for this unrighteous person to stand before a holy God? Zechariah seizes the opportunity to warn them about the futility of ritual with reality.

There Shall Be a Fountain Opened

In our text, the contrast seems to be that just as the false prophet endeavored to turn people from God, but was slain by his father, so the true prophet would be slain by His Father to turn people to God Charles Simeon, Expository Outlines on the Whole Bible [Zondervan], X: Every man outside of Christ stands before God in the same position.

It was interesting to watch her. Lord teach us to examine ourselves and to walk in earnestness and honesty before you and to realize that all this is designed so that we may come into the understanding and the experience of a time of glory within such as we have never know before.

Zechariah falls clearly into two disparate parts. They will know as no other nation the baseness and character of human sin. Chapter 10 is, like chapter 9, an eschatological picture.

The repatriates would be exalted above their former enemies, and life in the theocracy would be characterized by the divine presence in the midst of the people.

The fourth vision—the cleansing of Joshua 3: They did not deserve His mercy or forgiveness, but God graciously provided a fountain to cleanse from sin and impurity. He is author of more than 50 booksincluding Desiring God: He must punish iniquity. And as he drew near to Jerusalem, he wept as he looked out over the impenitent city and he said these remarkable words, "Would that even today you knew the things that make for peace.

They have been going back and forth checking up on it and discover that the entire world is at peace by the second year of Darius, he had established his rule in the land and put down resistance. This would be so notable a feature that it would attract many Gentile peoples to the service of the Lord.

This is the God who is sovereign over all the masses, whoever they may be. There will be ceremonial cleanness, but more important, there will be actual redemptive cleanness because Israel will be redeemed. Let us reflect upon some of the glimpses of the coming Christ in this remarkable document.

The fountain of forgiveness has been opened for you. To enter a relationship with the holy God, we must come to His fountain to cleanse us from our sins.

Both men were contemporaries, and were mentioned together in Ezra 5: And the interesting thing about this chapter in the light of current events, to me at least, is the relationship that this chapter bears to Judaism itself today.

Then comes the second result of an unrepentant heart and life chapter 11, verses It opens with these words chapter 12, verses 2, 3: The name Zechariah was quite common in Heb. God at that time promised that the nations would be judged 1: These are the words which thou shalt speak unto the children of Israel.

What did he conclude? Thirty shekels of silver.Notes on the Book of Zechariah I.

Book of Zechariah

The Prophet Zechariah. Zechariah is mentioned in Ezra (; ) along with Haggai as the prophet who aroused the returned Jews to rebuild the temple.

Nehemiah lists him in the genealogy. There he is the son of Iddo; here he is the son of Berechiah son of Iddo. The difference is that in Zechariah Israel is in the foreground and the Gentile nations in the background, while in the book of Revelation the Gentile nations are in the foreground and the continuous thread that ties them together is the nation of Israel.

The book of Zechariah falls into two major segments. Chapters deal principally with Judah’s spiritual restoration. Chapters primarily express a. Zechariah – The Cleansing of the High Priest Zechariah Dr. S. Lewis Johnson expounds the fourth vision contained in the Prophecy of Zechariah which makes reference to the restoration of Israel provided by the Messiah.

Encyclopedia of The Bible – Book of Zechariah. ZECHARIAH, BOOK OF As with other prophets, Zechariah saw the final stage in the process as the cleansing of Jerusalem from sin and the restoration of the community to continuing peace and prosperity.

Zechariah: You Return to Me ... I'll Return to You!

This kind of prophetic apocalyptic is well attested in the OT, and contains. Expository study of Zechariah: God has graciously provided a fountain for sinners to be cleansed so that they may become His holy people.

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The cleansing of israel in the book of zechariah the bible
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