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Since only 15 percent of rapes are committed by strangers, this statistic is likely to indicate that only a small number of sexual assaults actually get reported. Responding to Sexual Assault through Education Researchers and sociologist believe that heightened awareness and education for both men and women can reduce the instances of sexual assault at colleges and universities.

Student perceptions revealed that many young people do not have an accurate picture or definition of what constitutes sexual assault. We include 3 sources of crime exposure in our models: The definition also extends to acts of rape perpetrated during war, sex trafficking, and female genital mutilation Basile et al.

President Barack Obama has announced his plans to launch campaigns in order to raise awareness of the controversy, in attempt to decrease sexual assault on campus.

At-Risk Populations The majority of first-time rape Rape on college campuses essay are young; 71 percent of all rapes occur before the victim reaches the age of eighteen. Although women are susceptible in almost any situation, a college campus has unique elements that contribute to higher rates of sexual assault Franiuk, Having to worry about how late they can study at the library, or who is going to be with them for their walk home could cause more stress and anxiety then they already have.

Websites were coded for the availability and location of sexual assault information, including what resources and information were provided and whether topics such as date rape, consent, and victim blaming were addressed. Students did not accurately label some of the situations as sexual assault for the following reasons Franiuk, Alcohol A report from the United Kingdom documents the role that alcohol plays in increasing the chance of sexual assault and rape.

Unacceptable behavior by girls is another reason we need to get sexual assault under control. Completed or attempted penetration; Abusive sexual contact without penetration; Non-contact sexual abuse harassment and voyeurism.

Sexual assault and rape on U.S. college campuses: Research roundup

When girls are in these situa Behaviour Research and Therapy, August The analytic sample of randomly selected students includes 8, women in the survey, 8, in the survey, and 6, in the survey.

The entire section is 4, words. Therefore, college campuses that can curb the number of nearby liquor stores and instances of binge drinking could potentially reduce the number of assaults. Alcohol; Men and women living in close proximity; Increased exposure to others having sex.

Separate measures of fear of stranger and acquaintance rape are modeled, including variables tapping current versus anticipatory fear, fear on campus versus everywhere, and fear anytime versus at night. A study explores variables, such as violence, intoxication, and prior romantic relationships, that can impact acknowledged versus unacknowledged sexual assault among college women.

In a large number of cases, incidents that met the legal definition of rape or sexual assault went unreported simply because the young women involved did not perceive the incident as a sexual assault.

Violence and Victims,Vol. The program, experimentally evaluated and found to be effective with a general sample of undergraduates, was used to determine its efficacy specifically with Greeks and athletes. The overwhelming majority of victims, however, are women who have been victimized by men Franiuk, We analyze data from a survey of 1, female undergraduates to test the influence of 5 subjective perceptions about vulnerability and harm: The exclusion of measures of self-control on sexual assault may result in a misspecified peer support model.

These results provide initial support for the effectiveness of in-person bystander education training. There is no doubt in my mind that sexual assault is unacceptable, and we need to do anything we can to stop it.

Implications for theory and research are discussed. The Environment Sexual assault is a major issue and needs to be taken more seriously. Results suggested moderate effects of bystander education on both bystander efficacy and intentions to help others at risk.

The voluntary use of alcohol is linked to an increased risk of being victimized by sexual assault by reducing inhibitions that affect judgment decisions and generally put the potential victim at greater risk for assault.

In the United States, men are being informed of the legal definition of rape as part of rape prevention programs. Rape is defined as penetration or attempted penetration, but the definition of sexual assault is broader. Roughly one in 20 4.Sexual assault and rape on U.S.

Sexual Assault & Rape Research Paper Starter

college campuses: Research roundup The data show that fear of rape among college women appears more grounded in constructed perceptions of harm and danger than in past violent experiences.” Journalist’s Resource is an open-access site that curates scholarly studies and reports.

Home | About | Contact. Rape Among College Students Criminology Essay. Rape is on the rise in the college population and is the most common crime on college campuses in America today (Caron & Brossoit, ). Rape on College Campuses Nicole Johnson*, a year-old senior at an area university looks back at her college experience as graduation approaches, generally happy with how everything turned out, however, a dark cloud still looms over her freshman year when she was raped.

Sexual assault and rape are serious social and public health issues in the United States. Sexual Assault & Rape Research Paper Starter This essay examines a number of reasons why women. An Essay on Sexual Assault in College Campuses PAGES 4.

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Rape on college campuses essay
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