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James has also worked for the BBC as a world affairs producer, which included deployments to a range of countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Kuwait between and These flops are rarely discussed, and quickly forgotten.

Shutterstock Failures, Flops and Flaws Thousands of new consumer products are launched every year, and most end in failure.

Getty Creative Stock Banking on Change? An hour long deep dive into the people who drive markets and business. Once a seedy mail-order product advertised in the back pages of porn magazines, sex toys today are marketed as a fun way for couples to enhance their relationships.

Barry Ritholtz Barry L. Chris Bowlby Picture Credit: He also hosts Surveillance Midday on Bloomberg Television.

Business Matters

Why retire at 60 if you could live to ? For In Business, David meets people who could live a quiet, retired life, but choose not to.

And if so, would you admit it to your friends? Professor Lynda Gratton tells David that the previous life pattern of education-work-retirement will have to yield to a multi-phase one of different careers, broken up by breaks, even late-life gap years, and re-skilling.

In addition to her radio hosting duties, she serves as economics editor, specializing on the impact of the U.

She interviews world leaders such as Afghan President Hamid Karzai and covers breaking stories such as the aftermath of the Indian Ocean tsunami on India and Indonesia.

He first worked on BBC radio but resigned to see the world after completing his post-graduate work in broadcast journalism. He is also Chief Operating Officer of Bloomberg.

She has worked for the BBC for twenty-five years.

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Married with four children Julian likes to relax with long distance walks on the west coast of Wales. As a result, more and more of us will have to work until our 70s, or even our 80s.

Without the prospect of older staff leaving at a fixed retirement age, bosses are making them redundant instead, including by ugly means, and before they can draw a pension.

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Michael McKee Michael McKee is a Bloomberg Radio host, covering market and political developments, economic trends and central banks in the United States and around the world.

After a brief stint as a New York stockbroker, Doug was introduced to business news in when Michael Bloomberg hired him as part of a team to create Bloomberg Radio. Meanwhile the official retirement age has been abolished, while the age at which you can draw your state pension is rising.

But as Ruth Sunderland discovers, some in the banking business still think high street branches and personal service have a bright future. Ruth Alexander talks to curator Samuel West, and some of the product designers, about what we can learn from commercial mistakes.

That may not be as bad as it sounds. Kathleen HaysKathleen Hays has covered the U. Keene is an editor-at-large for Bloomberg News, providing economic and investment perspective.

The government, too, wants a million more overs in the workplace by - but not all employers are playing ball. And he likes to draw on that background as a Newshour presenter. He is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh. In February the Chinese government unveiled a package of measures to attract Taiwanese young people and businesses to the mainland, with tax breaks, subsidies, research grants and access to government contracts.iPlayer Radio.

Stations World Business Report Podcast. The latest business and finance news from around the world from the BBC. The World Business Report Review of the Year. A look back at the business stories that have shaped the world since ! Listen to the programmes.

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The latest business news from RNZ News.

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During Morning Report, Midday Report and Checkpoint. In Business, BBC Radio 4. Peter Day examines trends and developments in industry and the world of work.

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