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For the purposes of this review, this latter definition is instructive as research into the effects of shiftwork is consistent with this Literature review shift work approach.

In a study of 19 healthy young men and women, they found that wearing these goggles at night preserved melatonin levels and did not impair performance or alertness. Applied Ergonomics 39 5 Heath, G. However, there appear to have been few studies of high quality that evaluate the effects of implementing such guidelines.

Knauth and Hornberger outlined 20 recommendations to prevent or mitigate negative health outcomes of shift work, based on their assessment of the implications of existing research. Nonstandard shift schedules Literature review shift work the risk of jobrelated injuries. Working shifts and mental health — findings from the British Household PanelSurvey Conclusion There is a relatively large literature on possible connections between shift work and several aspects of worker health.

The connection between shift work and sleep difficulties is recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which lists shift work sleep Literature review shift work as a sub-category of circadian rhythm sleep disorders.

Bridger presents conflicting research on the benefits of 12 hour shift lengths with findings on the one hand of performance and alertness decrements, greater fatigue and then conversely, positive changes to mental state, physical symptoms and improved sleep quantity with no effect on absenteeism, staff turnover or productivity.

Straif K et al. Night shift workers are also more likely than regular day workers to experience sleepiness during their work shift, particularly in the early morning, because work is occurring at a low point in the circadian pattern.

It is also important to recognize that the effects of shift work on health could be mediated through its impact on other factors, such as smoking or alcohol consumption.

The mediating role of work-to-family conflict in the relationship between shiftwork and depression. They found no significant relationship between melatonin and the risk of breast cancer for either pre- or post-menopausal women.

The statistical analysis adjusted for other factors that may affect the relationship between melatonin levels and breast cancer, such as family history of breast cancer and use of medication thought to influence melatonin production. Light during darkness, melatonin suppression and cancer progression.

If this is your situation: Maximum of three or four consecutive night shifts followed by an extra day off all four wards. Conversely Barnes-Farrell et al. However, among the third group, those who had been on shift work and later transferred to day work, there was a marked elevation in the incidence of nervous and digestive disorders though not of heart disease.

American Journal of Preventative Medicine. Bara AC, Arber S. The importance of accounting for the possibility of selection is illustrated in one of the earliest studies on shift work and health, namely that by Aanonsen Burnout, stress and health of employees on non-standard work schedules: To conclude then, the literature consistently identifies and discusses the physiological and psychosocial health effects of shiftwork however what is needed, is further analysis on what interventions across a broader spectrum of cohorts might act to mitigate the potential negative consequences of these non-traditional working hour arrangements.

Previous article in issue. This perhaps does not invalidate the findings discussed in this review, but does present as an area for future research to determine whether these cohorts are also exposed to the same potential negative outcomes discussed in more detail below.

Six other wards, plus staff at the intervention wards who chose not to change schedules, served as controls.

For example, working a shift schedule could lead to elevated stress, and in turn could lead to higher rates of tobacco smoking or alcohol consumption, which could have adverse health impacts. Do h shifts make a difference. Shift work and health. Shift work and the risk of ischemic heart disease — a systematic review of the epidemiological evidence.

They suggested that the approach has to be tailored to the specific work context. Recent literature searches have covered topics as diverse a: Interestingly however, the 12 hour shift, once thought of as the panacea for many of the ill effects of shiftwork, has delivered inconsistent outcomes.

Biomedical and psychosocial aspects of shift work. They proposed a slightly different definition p. After adjustment for other factors that may affect cancer risk, the authors found that those working rotating shifts had a significantly higher risk of prostate cancer than day workers, but there was no significant increase in risk for those on fixed night shifts.

Journal of Occupational Health 55 Loudoun, R.

[Night shift work and cancer risk: a literature review].

Cardiovascular diseases and the work environment:Look for other literature reviews in your area of interest or in the discipline and read them to get a sense of the types of themes you might want to look for in your own research or ways to organize your final review.

Request PDF on ResearchGate | The impact of shiftwork on health: A literature review | To identify the impact of shiftwork on individuals and their lives and to discuss the implications this has. Best Practice Rostering, Shift Work and Hours of Work for Resident Doctors: A Review.

Karyn O’Keeffe and Prof Philippa Gander. Sleep/Wake Research Centre.

Scientific Literature Review

Massey University, Wellington. [email protected] The first covers the literature review, while the second. Generally shift work is becoming more predominant as a working agenda in the public sector and duringWork safe Australia () calculated that at least 16% or million Australians were engaged in shift work.

To identify the literature available on prehospital providers regarding the effects of shift work on sleep. Electronic databases used were the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, Ovid MEDLINE, Proquest, AMED and CINAHL.

While past review studies had concluded that there was evidence of a causal link between shift work and heart disease, the most recent review of this literature finds only limited evidence of this link.

Literature review shift work
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