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This is the dilemma for Antonio. If Antonio chooses to avoid the systemic behavior by Empress because it Express luxury lines impede on a persons right then he would be ethically deciding to go against the grain of behavior even though he knows he may lose his job by telling the truth.

This is why Antonio could not or did not see his fervent request to have monies to upgrade the ships computer system was not accepted. The Observation Lounge offers a variety of local entertainers each evening, from traditional Burmese marionettes to amazing acrobatic feats and traditional dances.

All treatments and appointments can be booked onboard. Recently the Road to Mandelay added sixteen Deluxe Cabins, a new concept fully designed to optimize space and views through three windows.

Is your destination Mexico or Hawaii? Call your Luxury Cruise Connections travel professional today to begin your jouney into the exotic. He will not please all but he will be ethically making the best decision for the greater good of the company.

Express Luxury Lines

These approaches best describe how Antonio should handle the situation at hand. The ship features five different cabin sizes and categories, all of which include such amenities as a telephone, satellite television, en-suite bathroom, shower amenities, and an in-room safe.

Their size is comparable to that of a Superior Cabin, yet they offer more space with a single bed. We have over 25 years of experience, and our team can help customize and tailor your cruise so that you have the choice to visit the wonderful and tantalizing ports of call, or kick back and relax on a longer cruise and enjoy a richer itinerary.

The issue with this approach who determines the legitimacy Express luxury lines what is ethical or not about the way the cruise liner decides to conduct its business. The individualism approach has worked well for me in my business endeavors and personal life. This may happen and he is still left with the decision did he do his best in rising above the fray to do his ethical duty.

These channels are only available when the ship is moored at Bagan or Mandalay. Antonio will also be protecting his rights as an individual which is a benefit for him. Monday through Friday 9: The end does not always justify the means as this approach states.

This approach Antonio is ethical decision maker and he understands the consequences of actions and plans to benefit for the greater good for Empress. On sailing days guests can hear expert guides lecture on a variety of Burmese topics and culture.

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Part of visiting a new culture involves sampling its culinary fare, and aboard the Road to Mandelay you will fine savory, exquisite regional cuisine — as well as a dazzling array of Eastern and Western delicacies, all served with Burmese courtesy and charm. When booking your American Express cruise packages to Mexico, you can be assured of exceptional service and of course, getting the most value.

This approach does not allow for room to be appeasing to all of his coworkers and this approach can cause harm. The Piano Bar is artfully decorated in a cozy mixture of lightwood and Burmese lacquer ware, and features a wide range of local and international cocktails while you enjoy the musical selections.

The ship houses a small library of topical books in several languages in the reception area, along with an assortment of games. I have had similar instances as Antonio in being the one who has to Express luxury lines concerned for his self but by being this way, Express luxury lines ultimately do decide for the good all in the process of ethically doing what is best for the future long term health of the company.

For this case analysis, I believe the utilitarian is better suited for Antonio because this approach is not a selfish approach but more in line with having the thoughtfulness of care and concern for others and how his ethical decision could harm everyone.

If Antonio thinks this is the best approach because the Empress sails in international waters Antonio has to have consideration for the international laws of other countries which the U. If you are seeking adventure and mysticism, the path to Burma Myanmar in southeast Asia may prove to be the experience you are looking for.

The cruise liner had unprecedented demand by consumers to sail on its luxury liner. The cruise professionals at AMT, an American Express Travel Representative are experts at finding you the perfect Five Star Cruise to fit your cruising needs — and at an excellent value.

On your journey you will indulge in luxury quarters, enjoy unparalleled personalized service, and dine on gourmet regional cuisine while discovering the true nature of an unspoiled land. No meal aboard the Road to Mandelay would be complete without sampling from the wide array of carefully selected European and Australian wines available to complement the fare.

The mystery of the Orient beckons. You can also call us at Another con of this approach is that it is a selfish approach and can entice Antonio to consider only his needs and not the concerns of others.

I do think his best method of approach would be using the individualism approach for Empress Luxury Lines. Until the damage of the computer system was verbally reported to Bailey, then the accepted practices of Empress by top management of fraud which was readily the condone nature, the assurance of Kevin, or Antonio being protected under the Whistle-blower act was essentially an ignored, systemic practice and rooted in the business climate culture from top to bottom.

Traditional comfort melds with elegant luxury:Express Luxury Lines Essay Empress Luxury Lines Angela D. Davis Strayer University Management Dr. Prakash Menon April 29, Abstract This critical analysis case of Empress Luxury Lines is based on circumstances of ethical dilemmas and challenges of top level managers and their employees faced with decisions on.

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Essay about Empress Luxury Lines An Exploratory Study Comparing Two Modes of Preparation for Online Teaching Dawn Hathaway Priscilla Norton* George Mason University Abstract Few online high schools report requiring online education for their teachers, and few programs exist to prepare teachers to teach online (Smith, Clark, & .

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