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Why has it become more necessary and more dangerous over time? Does the Congress really have the sole power to declare war if the president can provoke a conflict by deploying troops in international hotspots?

How did Congress attempt to rein in the president through the War Powers Act? What about a dual executive? How exactly does the War Powers Act work?

This largely fragments the government since not every office is able to carry out their tasks effectively thus leads to contested leadership and unclear lines of accountability Newell and Prindle Is it time to dump the Electoral College? What might strengthen the legislative branch?

What parts of this system are worth retaining? Why was the CIA created? What developments are likely to strengthen the presidency? The winner-take-all allocation of state Electors? Finally, the State Board of Education is responsible for making educational investments to permanent school and overseeing curriculum standards Ferguson Has this made government more or less democratic?

This results to poor governorship because the executive officials do not coordinate or work towards accomplishing the same governmental goal.

To whom did the CIA report? Every elected official usually operates in any way that interests them and is not answerable to the Governor. Secretary of State which is the only office appointed by the governor is responsible for granting charters to corporations and also processing extradition of prisoners to other states.

The president has a great deal of unilateral power in conducting foreign policy. The two extra electors awarded each state? What was the CIA authorized to do? What about some sort of elected executive council?

Eventually, governmental institutions become fragmented because the Governor lacks power to influence over implementation of policies that aim at putting the state together. Would Barack Obama have been elected without the modern media? Texas governors are subjected to govern within the plural executive government system that divides power among all the elected government officials.

Or is this a necessary check on executive power? Why is this necessary? Did the modern media strengthen or weaken her candidacy? Texas Executive and Bureaucracy A plural executive which is also referred to as multilevel executive is a governmental system that is made of independently elected executive branch offices which results in a very weak chief executive.

The rest of the offices are not answerable to the Governor and they also do not work in the same political wing as other executive officials who serve the U. The Governor is only left with one appointive position which is the Secretary of State.Free executive branch papers, essays, and research papers.

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The Executive Branch of government consists of the President – who holds the power of the branch – and cabinet members of office/5(1).

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Executive Branch Quiz. Unit 4 Quiz: Executive Branch. Executive Branch Questions and Answers. The responsibilities of the Executive Branch are explained in 2nd Amendment.

3rd Amendment. Article Two. Article Eight. Executive branch question from.

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Executive branch essay questions
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