Dangerous dogs should not be banned essay

It is this abuse, and the tragedy that comes from it, that motivates me. It is now abundantly clear that the bigger, more powerful breeds have no purpose or place in crowded urban settings.

Society seems to say to prospective dog owners, "go ahead and get any dog you want. Chi, or Energy Affects Dogs! One of the best survey-type articles about breed bans argues that it is illogical.

Dogs mirror their owners not because they look like them but because they mimic their behaviour Borland and Derbyshire Compare those numbers with deaths caused by pit bulls: The junk-yard German shepherd -- which looks as if it would rip your throat out -- and the German shepherd guide dog are the same breed.

There are four main points of view regarding what should be done, discussed in this section. Example Essays There are indeed many reasons why pit bulls should be banned and among these is the vicious nature of pit bulls.

There is no valid reason to deprive animal lovers of their well behaved pets.

Arguments for and Against Breed Specific Laws

However dogs are animals that are born to run as much as birds are meant to fly and fish to swim. I counted on the pit bull community to do the right thing to protect the breed as well as their own families, friends and neighbors.

From California to New York, many shelters have enacted policies requiring the automatic destruction of the huge and ever-growing number of "pits" they encounter. People are not so different. As much as there are those individuals who may argue that pit bulls are loving pets that only suffer negative publicity from the media, the facts on the ground speak a different story.

Intolerable risk is why products are recalled even when just a few children or adults are killed by them. The editor of Animal People, Merritt Clifton, argued that for a number of reasons those who care about dogs need to take action against the continued breeding of pit bulls.

This is especially true when people end up in territories that pit bulls believe are theirs. Certain breeds are more powerful than others though. Tips on Writing an Argumentative Essays: If they are aggressive then the dog will learn aggressive behaviour from them.

They can go to the shelter and save one of the countless other breeds and lovable mutts sitting on death row. The article by Rachel Andersson is the most persuasive as she convinces the reader that the deeds of a few pit bulls have given the pit bull breed a bad name, and that people judge the pit bull based on its size and stature and not the nature of individual pit bulls.

Is it true some breeds are more aggressive? Rather than choose to protect our communities, make the breed acceptably safe, and confirm that a free and ethical people can be trusted to make the right decisions without the necessity of restrictive new laws, the pit bull lobby has done absolutely nothing to correct the pit bull problem, but has made the problem bigger and worse every year.

If necessary, let people keep their pit bulls but outlaw further breeding of them.Dangerous Dogs to be or not to be banned. My opinion on the issue of dangerous dogs is they shouldn’t be banned because of these reasons.

Should Guns Be Banned? Instructor Essay Will You Be Safer If Guns Are Banned? Violence is out of control, and guns are a major cause. Jul 16,  · Should Dangerous Dogs Be Banned fine and imprisonment.

Dangerous Dogs

The main reason of banning is that these dogs are genetically determined as dangerous due to their physical characteristics and temperament. The high likelihood of these dogs biting and injuring individuals and other dogs can be traced to the fact that these dogs tend to be more aggressive and irritable, compared to other kinds of dogs.

These dogs are not only dangerous to outsiders but can also harm their owners or even members of the owners’ families.

Should Dangerous Dog Breeds Be Banned ‘A five month old baby girl has died after being attacked by two Rottweiler dogs in Leicester, police said on Sunday. Leicestershire police and ambulance staff were called to a pub in the New Parks area of the city on Saturday afternoon, before the baby was rushed to Leicester [ ].

The child should not be spanked for making mistakes or accidents, such as forgetting to feed the dog, cat or wetting his or her bed, only for challenging the parent’s position. Secondly, spanking should be a planned action, not a reaction.

Jun 28,  · Personally, I believe they should as it is not worth risking lives and that the living dangerous dogs should have to be donated to licensed owners. Do you agree with me and what are some other It`s the breeders that breed temperamentally unsound dogs that should be banned.

There are well bred and badly bred dogs in all Status: Resolved.

Dangerous dogs should not be banned essay
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