Bzr pull overwrite a file

A conflict means that you need to fix something, before you should commit. See Undoing an Uncommit for more information on heads and the bzr heads command. Class NoMethodError This is not good. This command will show all known locations and formats associated to the tree, branch or repository.

The applied revisions look like normal revisions, not a merge revision with complete sub-branch history. The branch is the branch you will merge from.

Branches and working trees will also report any missing revisions. Next, it rolls us back to revision 5. Now on revision 3.

Lost something?

One method we could try is to use bzr revert or bzr update to pull old versions of the code out and try running the script until we find which revision introduced the bug. New branches created under the repository directory will store their revisions in the repository, not in the branch directory, if the branch format supports shared storage.

Same as --log- format long --mine-only Display changes in the local branch only --reverse Reverse the order of revisions --short Use moderately short log format. Rather than checking each revision in turn, bisect uses a binary search and rolls us back to revision 3.

After either a push or a pull, the receiving branch will have more revisions. Notice that this time that we call bzr bisect yes and bisect moves us to revision 4 again.

Man page for Bazaar (bzr)

The same technique will work for a committed merge or a push operation. Merge will do its best to combine the changes in two branches, but there are some kinds of problems only a human can fix.

For example; --kind file. In our case, we want to use it to find out when this bug was introduced. Next it moves us to revision 4:Note that this operation doesn't really make sense. If you're going use "bzr pull" you're trying to write to the bound branch (which you don't have write access to).

and didn't hit the BZR bug where if you remove and then re-add files/dirs with the same name when there are unknown files in the tree then you get a conflict even with pull -. Man page for Bazaar (bzr) Date: Index. Name. Bazaar (bzr) - next-generation distributed version control.

bzr diff [FILE ] Show differences in the working tree or between revisions. use pull --overwrite. If there is no default location set, the first pull will set it.

After that, you can omit the location to use the default. $ git bzr sync --overwrite bzr/nova It won't do anything to any branch except the one mentioned and on that one it effectively does a bzr pull --overwrite.

Requirements. 'bzr update' wiped all my local commits. Help! Ask Question (sounds pretty catastrophic bug), unless you did something like bzr pull --overwrite or did a bzr revert after a bzr pull that had conflicts. First things first, see if you can reliably replicate this problem.

Whether or not that is possible, though, file a bug report against bzr. assertionerror trips on pull --overwrite in dirstate branch with non-canonical history.

Bzr pull overwrite a file
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