Analysis of the dred scott decision and the issue of slavery

The Dred Scott Decision

In the retrial Scott prevailed, but two years later, in l, Scott lost in the Missouri Supreme Court. In Virginia, Peter Blow and his family had many slaves.

But Taney outraged much of the North by asserting that African Americans could never be citizens of the United States. Sir, these territories are the property of the States united; held jointly for their common use. Over the decades, many compromises had been made to avoid disunion.

But he argued that state citizenship had nothing to do with national citizenship and that African Americans could not sue in federal court because they could not be citizens of the United States.

Peter Blow decided to move his estate to Alabama and then to the thriving port city of St. Taney delivered the now infamous opinion of the Supreme Court in the Dred Scott case, and the text is available on this webpage. Scott had been taken from Missouri to posts in Illinois and what is now Minnesota for several years in the s, before returning to Missouri.

Any ban on slavery was a violation of the Fifth Amendmentwhich prohibited denying property rights without due process of law. The Mexican War provided the United States with a lot of new territory, and the question of the future of slavery in the territories was on everyones mind.

Originally, Justice Samuel Nelson was to write a narrow opinion, arguing that the case belonged in the state, not a federal court.

During these years ,Dred married and had a child. The two dissenting justices of the nine-member Court were the only Republicans. This is an example of using the law to get the results that you want.

With the supreme leadership ability of John Marshall and now Roger Taney, all problems seemed to be solved, and solved correctly.

He admitted that African Americans could be citizens of a particular state and that they might even be able to vote, as they in fact did in some states. The decision, which Justice Taney presented ,had three main points: Its prestige and credibility were beyond reproach.

The fate of the Union looked hopeless. Louis, a slave bearing state, made him a slave once again. Bibliography Fehrenbacher, Don E. The people of the North who were against slavery wanted Congress to prohibit slavery in the territories.

Visit Website Because Mrs. It was the Southern belief that the states should have the right to declare slavery in their states and it is beyond congressional power to prohibit slavery.

In the first trial in l, the St. Oxford University Press, l LC-USZ Even with this weak argument, Taney could have been accused of nothing worse than faulty reasoning, if he had stopped there. These two things helped the North gain power.

Dred Scott decision

Emerson married inand in the early s he and his wife returned with the Scotts to Missouri, where Emerson died in It not only strengthened the Republican Party but it also angered them to the point that they were ready to fight in a war.

After the death of the Blows, Dred was sold to Dr. Newspaper notice for a pamphlet on the U. What is the use of Congress prohibiting slavery in the territories if those freed from slavery could not become citizens? Only one judge was against slavery.

People were very upset with the Dred Scott ruling, even after his death. Whatever status Scott might have had while in a free state or territory, he argued, once he had returned to Missouri his status depended entirely on local law, notwithstanding the doctrine of once free, always free.

It is all up to the courts, through the trials of a few cases,to decide upon the complex and heavily debated issue of slavery.

The Dred Scott decision was a major factor in dividing the nation beyond repair. Having exhausted both political and legal means for a solution, the fanatics took over and the bloodshed of war became inevitable. Taney, the Chief Justice, and four others were from the South.

They could not decide on what legal principle their decision should be based. This was because the Missouri Compromise which excluded slavery went beyond the constitutional power of Congress.

Since Dred is not a citizen, he cannot file a claim in a federal court.Dred Scott Decision Essays - Around the ’s, tension between the Northern states and the Southern states was rising.

The issue of slavery was a conflict that greatly contributed to this tension. The Dred Scott decision, although ultimately overturned, remains one of the Court’s most infamous decisions, not only for condoning slavery but also for weakening the moral authority of the judiciary.

Legal scholars overwhelmingly agree that it is the U.S. Supreme Court’s worst decision. entire history, Dr. Emerson referred to and treated Dred Scott as his slave, and after buying Harriet and the birth of the two daughters, Dr.

Emerson treated the entire family as his salves (Scott v. Sandford.

Dred Scott Decision

). Just before the suit was filed, Dr. Emerson sold Dred Scott, Harriet, and their two children to John F. A. Sandford. Although the Dred Scott decision may have been the result of a trial, in reality it was a case of the court battling with the complex issue.

32a. The Dred Scott Decision

The Dred Scott decision was the Supreme Court’s ruling on March 6,that having lived in a free state and territory did not entitle a slave, Dred Scott, to his freedom. In essence, the decision argued that as a slave Scott. Big issue in slavery debate because under this principle territories should be able to decide slavery issue for themselves.

The Free Soil Party: Came about in election ofmade up of northern democrats and antislavery .

Analysis of the dred scott decision and the issue of slavery
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