A personal experience of the sankofa dance performances in hartwell dance theatre

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When the Sankofa Dance Theater travels more than 25 miles from Baltimore, Maryland, a charge will be added to the cost of the program that will be accessed based on distance and travel time. The well trained performance ensemble is composed of arts educators who utilize the dance, music, and stories rooted in Africa and the African Diaspora to build cultural sensitivity, expand diversity, and create ethnic awareness.

Viewers come above as they become a part of the performance through hands-on audience participation. Lend us your ears, your hearts, and your imaginations as you, too, become involved.

Dance is a big part of the history of life in an African village. Drum classes feature traditional African percussive technique and Djembe orchestration.

Let your spirit follow the path of the rhythm that is intrinsic to the pulsating, pounding wonderfully repetitious, yet always unique beat of ethnicity. The young people are asked to join in audience participation.

In the tradition of the Sankofa Dance Theater, they bring magic to the harmonies, melodies, rhythms, and vocal styles of the African and African-American Musical tradition. Sankofa Dance Theater is the voice of the past, forever-reaching forward to carry the light of understanding into the future.

The performances include traditional drum and dance, as well as, history, storytelling, and folkways as a vehicle to bridge the cultural gap between people of all backgrounds. Dance and Drum Workshops are actual classes that can be tailored to meet the needs of your group.

The drummers lead an exploration of polyrhythmic approaches to percussion in a way that is both fun and informative. Please be prepared with dates, times, venue description, and number of people attending each performance.

The minute presentations given by the Sankofa Dance Theater are designed to lead young people on an exploration of some of the wonders and attributes of the continent of Africa.

Full movements are danced across the floor as members of the SDT djembe orchestra connect drum and dance as one spirit of motion and sound Or, request a "Drum Circle Series".

A total body workout to stretch, warm, and strengthen the muscles that will be used as ancient traditions come alive on the dance floor 2. It paints a picture of the West African culture against a colorful backdrop of traditional African music, song, and dance.

Each of the following performances offers an interactive experience the form of dance, song, drumming, and storytelling, allowing for audience participation along the way. When artists are required to stay over night, sponsors must provide housing and meals or a supplemental per diem to cover expenses.

The additional charge may reflect other transportation needs when applicable. THE GRIOT In the African village, a person trained as a "Griot" would act as an educator and historian, memorizing the history of an area and imparting that knowledge to the village members.

Join the quest by calling for a performance, workshop, or customized class. All classes are taught in three segments: Their repertoire spans across time from ancient African calls, chants, and songs to new world hip hop with the rhythmic, pulsating variety of percussion blended to create music…sounds become ONE.

A Walk-through and break down to teach movements and dance nuances steeped with the rich history of a time gone by 3. They are the storytellers, musicians, and historians, reaching into the rich legacy of the Motherland" to bring forth an art form for the next millennium.

The theme for this presentation is "the reasons why we dance".Studio: a dance studio of joy, energy and fun. We are a group of people that really love to dance.

We conduct various dance classes and perform on corporate events, clubs, and any private functions. DANCE/Hartwell.

The joy and drama of dance — as well as its athleticism — become apparent as soon as the stage becomes populated. Tower Fine Arts Center Black Box Theatre $16 General Audiences/$11 Seniors, Brockport Faculty, Staff, Alumni/$ Students (Seating will be by general admission for these performances) Click here to.

Sankofa Dance Theater took to the stage Tuesday evening at St. Paul’s United Church of Christ for a tour of West African culture that included music, song, dance and history as. The energetic and fabulously exciting Sankofa African Dance Company was founded in by Dover City Councilman Reuben Salters.

The Dance Company is comprised of talented and creative youth from Inner City Dover, Delaware and. Jun 05,  · "Invoke" excerpt in tribute to Baba Chuck Davis directed & choreographed by Kibibi Ajanku Musical orchestration & composition by Jumoke Ajanku & K.

Sankofa Dance Theater presents world-class, authentic African art in the form of dance, music, and folkways for national and international audiences.

The Company is currently booking performances, workshops, master classes, and residencies.

A personal experience of the sankofa dance performances in hartwell dance theatre
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